Shipment Info

Delivery Time

We ship express deliveries throughout the world, with the timeframe being between 2 and 15 weekdays, depending on your country, address, and items in stock

Shipping Charges

We don't charge for shipping unless you've chosen to pay on delivery, in which case €2,00 will be added to your order total.

Absence at the Time of Delivery

In the event that we cannot deliver you order, we will either try again the next weekday, or we will contact you to schedule a new delivery date. In some cases we may leave a note in your mailbox asking you to pick up your package at your nearest post office.

Please note that as you finish any purchase, our store allows you to send to a different address. Since our deliveries occur mostly during working hours, you may find it useful to ship to your work address.

P/o Boxes

Unfortunately we do not deliver to p/o boxes

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